Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bad News

I have not been feeling well and these saddle sores that I have been battling have not been getting any better. I have gotten used to riding with the pain of them, but the way I have been feeling so low on energy and fatigued lately has got me a bit worried. So, I decided to finally go to a doctor.

He took one look at the sores on my thighs and rear end and told me I needed to go see a specialist ASAP. He said that they may have been caused by riding or that they could be something else that could be really dangerous. He told me the only place I could get anything done was in San Jose, the capital, as they lacked the facilities to do anything for me here.

I am just trying my best to remain calm until I can get to the capital and see a Dermatologist. As of now I don't know what it is and I am just going to keep my head screwed on straight and get there as fast as I can.


Anonymous said...

I've been to Costa Rica before and San Jose is about 3-4 hours drive from Jaco. I hope that the sores are nothing big and that you'll be okay. We'll say a few prayers for you and hope that you get through this well.

Rich Chen

Tungsten said...

I hope they are just saddle sores, which can be pretty bad in and of themselves because they do put a lot of strain on the body and hurt like hell. You'll probably end up getting a medicated cream and have to stay off the bike for a while. After that, switch to bike shorts and start using chamois cream.

You have the immune system of a god so if it something else I know you'll be able to beat it with a little help from a medical professional.


Anonymous said...

Keep your head up buddy, I'm sure you will be fine!


Lisa in Louisiana said...

My prayers are with you, Reece. You are doing the best possible thing - getting to a doctor. Then just take the time to let your body heal before you head out again. You've put your body through quite a strain riding so far and so hard and in such swampy rainy jungle-y conditions!

Melonie said...

Hey sending good thoughts your way.. About the water and not staying hydrated. Add some honey/sugar to your water along with a bit of salt. (do not have to taste either) it will help to keep your electrolytes up..sounds crazy I know.. it's the home version of Gatorade...not sure how large your water bottles are to give amounts/ratios.. and as an ER nurse I have to add ..don't jump into any natural water source with saddle sores..especially if skin is broken.

Doug said...

Hurry up and get this settled so we don't have to worry about you Bro. :(

Anonymous said...

Reece, take care of yourself man. Take it easy for a few, not a bad place to be stuck. Enjoy the Pura Vida and take it easy! We will say a prayer for you brother!