Monday, October 13, 2008

Pictures, finally!

Ok, I finally got some pictures up. Still have a lot more but it takes ages to get them up on the web here.

These are all pictures from the good times I have been having with my friends so far. I have not wanted to bring a camera to the volunteer program yet as I just got started and I dont want to come in like a stupid tourist and start snapping pictures of kids as if they were animals in a zoo when I am trying to make friends with them. but I promise to get some photos up when time allows.

I have some pretty harrowing tales about the kids in the porgram but I want to get some more time under my belt with them before I post something that may be inaccurate. Suffice it to say for now that they live very hard lives.

I did want to mention one thing however, and that was how I was feeling now that I had some time under my belt being off of the bike. At first I was really sad about it and felt like I was letting myself down, and a big part of me wanted to go home.

However, now that I have been able to get over those feelings and realize how much more I will be able to do, I am actually glad that my illness occured. It was difficult at the time but now I see that I am actually happier traveling this way than I was on the bike. The bike was a great challenge, fun and a unique way to travel, but going by backpack, being around lots of people from all over the world, and having a greater freedom to move around suits my personality better. Already, the things I have seen and done since I have gotten off of the bike and especially the people I have met, would not have come into my life had I not gotten sick. It really has turned out to be a blessing in disguise and I am happy for the change.

So, for now, I am just taking this adventure one day at a time. In moments like these, I get to move slowly, relax, help people in circumstances that are not the best. I get to form relationships with locals, travelers and hold still long enough to really get to know a place. When it is time to move on, I can go climb a mountain, sail a boat, trek through the jungle, what ever I feel like doing. It is great, I have never felt this free in my life. I have no bills to pay, no place to be, no responsibilities to weigh on my mind other than my own well being. I am healthy, happy and loving my life right now. If anyone out there needs to get their mind cleared out and find themself, just leaving everything behind (so long as that is feasible of course) is a great way to get back in touch with what is important to you in your life. The things I used to take for granted as being universally important have just melted away. Life for me here is good company, an engaging book to read, a beautiful day at the beach, a filling meal. I feel like things have been boiled down to their essentials and it is really nice. I feel so much more at ease with myself than I did back in the hustel and bustle of life in Southern California. There are downsides to life here, without a doubt, nothing is perfect, but in small doses a place like this can heal a lot of what ails you.

The gang on the beach: Sam from the states, Maria from Norway, Tamarah (my felow volunteer) from Canada, Myself, Medde from Denmark, Marlain and Jasper from the Netherlands. A wonderful group of people!

Sam, Tamarah, Myself and Jeff from Canada, who is a great guy.

One of our family dinners, such good food!

Maria had an underwater camera, this is us me snorkeling at Punta Uva, a beach here in Puerto Viejo.

This is Buddy, the coolest of a bunch of fun local dogs. He comes with me on my morning runs on the beach and chases birds and crabs around.

I love me a bicycle ride! We all took bikes to explore the beaches around the area.

My new home! Just kidding. And just kidding on the pose too, it was just for laughs from my friends.

This is our favorite beach to hang out on.

This is the path we walk down to go to the beach. Its beautiful and runs through the woods right along the water.


TP said...

Sounds like your having a great time my friend...glad the change of pace worked out so well!! Keep the pics coming brotha.
Much Love


Mama said...

That puppy dog looked like a corgi. Reece, I have loved your trip to this point, but now, I am so deeply enamored I just about can't stand it. I love corgis.

Reecius said...

Hey! Yeah i am still having a great time, hard not to out here.

And, I dont knwo what kind of dog buddy is but he is a cool pup. He loves life out here, he spends his time on the beach, or back at the camp ground I am staying at chasing people, birds, crabs, other dogs. I think this place is dog paradise too, not just human paradise!