Friday, January 16, 2009

There's Hope Yet!

Mr. Marolt, the gentelman who rode his bike across the United States had this to say about our country:

Hi, Reece
I read your web page containing large article about my tricycle traveling across United States. It was for me memorable adventure indeed. At the end I had to change my old opinion about Americans, which was wrong owing to television, movies, newspapers ..., always full of violence, criminal, etc. At the beginning of trip I was a little scared of new unknown country and people. Now I can say, that Americans are much more friendly as I ever could imagine.
I am continuously watching your travel progress in South America. Wow!
I hope you understand my weak english.

With best regards,
Joze Marolt

That is good news to me! And I have been to SLovenia, and can say it is also a wonderful country full of very friendly people. It is beautiful too. I look forward to returning one day in the future.

Best of luck to you in all of your future travels, Joze,


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Lisa in Louisiana said...

nice to see you are still around, Reece! Ha! Is Feb 11 still your return deadline? I'm on standby for Part 3 of your adventures!