Monday, February 9, 2009

A new year of my life, a new adventure!

Well, I am 28 today, survived another year, and today I am also beginning a new adventure. I am off to Brazil to meet up with my best buddy to explore and to celebrate carnival, something we have always wanted to do. It should be a wonderful time and I am very excited about it.

Due to unforeseen events in my personal life, I have to cut this trip shorter than expected. I will only be gone for the month of February, so no Argentina this time around, or trekking in Tierra del Fuego which is a bummer, but is unavoidable.

So, this will be a relatively short three week adventure. Funny how experience alters your perceptions. I am bringing a little duffle bag and that's it, I barely even thought about what I would bring, in my mind I barely register a three week trip when a year ago that would have been a major expedition.

I will post regularly about my adventures with my friend, Mattis and look forward to seeing what the largest country in South America has to offer.


Maggie said...

Happy birthday Reece, and good luck on your way to Brazil!


Happy birthday, bro! So wait -- the around-the-world trip is being cut short, and this will be the last month you'll be on this trip? Is that right? That's a huge bummer, but I definitely understand the need to for putting certain things in ones' life before travels.

I was midway on my very first round-the-world adventure back in 2002 when I had to cut my own trip short because of my mom's health at the time. No regrets at all, I'm so glad I was there for her..and once she recovered I was back at it again. Keep us updated on what you plan to do!

TP said...

It was great getting a chance to speak with you before you left. I hope you and Mattis have a great time at Carnival, just don't let anyone make fun of his puka shells!

Much love Brotha

Reecius said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Yes, this will be a short trip and my last for at least several months, some thing have come up that are out of my control back home that need attending too and require me to stay in one spot for a while. I will get back out there sooner or later, but this will be it for a while.

Haha, no joke, Tony, we might end up dead!