Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Survived!

I made it through Carnival! Wow, I feel like one of the walking wounded. After 6 days and nights of debauchery, I am just spent. Mattis and I were seriously happy that it was over, I just do not have the party endurance for this kind of thing any more. I am glad I did it as it was one of those events that like the running of the bulls, I just had to do before I died. I can honestly say though that I have no desire to do it again. If by some chance I were to find myself in Brazil for Carnival in the future, I would only go out two or three nights and space them out. Every time you go out for Carnival you end up seeing the sunrise. I hate that! I like the way we do it back home where you go out have dinner at a decent hour, maybe go to a bar or dancing and head home before or around 2. That way you can do something with your day and wake up at a decent hour. Man, I am getting old. If I would have come here at 19 or 21, I would have been in hog heaven!

It was a great experience though, like nothing I have ever seen or done before. Pictures, unfortunately, will be slow in coming as Mattis´ camera got stolen on the last night and so we are trying to find some to post as I did not take any. Hopefully we can find a few on his computer to post as we had some great ones. Some of the videos he took were really fantastic too, so it is a shame he got his camera stolen.

I am heading home tomorrow and am glad to be getting back to the states. I am upset that I will not get to do any trekking in Patagonia as that is something I have wanted to do for many years, but oh well, there is always next time.

For now I can leave Brazil feeling that I had a wonderful experience, met some great new friends and really went wild for Carnival. Until the next adventure!


Zee said...

Sounds like it was an experience, to say the least! Are you heading back to HB or where in Cali? Do you have your old job lined up or venturing out into new land there as well?
I'm just happy you survived everything from butt sores, new found creepy crawlers (two legged to 20 legs, literally)!!and everything in between. What memories you have stored in that body of yours...Best of luck in whatever the future holds for you.
Hugs from WA

Lisa in Louisiana said...

OMGoodness!!! Ya'll blew it out!!! Yeehaw!!! or Ay Ay Ay Ayyyyy!!! either way, what a story!

Well, Reece, just know that your adventures & blog have inspired one person to decide to plot & plan and devise her own travel escapades! Not as on a grand scale as yours - at least not yet! But hopefully this time next year I will have logged a few miles seeing sights in my neck of the woods as I now have an important piece of the puzzle. The Universe recently handed me a little tow vehicle so check my blog from time to time to see my progress. The dream is in 5 years time, I may be fulltime RVing and working seasonal jobs at resorts/national parks around the nation but until then there's plenty to see one day's drive of where I live. I just got to make it a priority in my life and you have helped me to realize that!

Don't be a stranger . . . Buena suerte con tu vida, amigo mío!

Reecius said...

It was a wonderful experience, and I am glad I went. Thanks for the well wishes, Zee!

Lisa, I will definitely be following your adventures, that sounds like a great time!