Sunday, February 10, 2008

The bike, fully loaded!

I got a few pictures of the bike fully loaded and ready to roll. It handles a little sluggishly with all the kit and it feels like it may tip over if I am forced to take a sharp turn, but on the straights, it just sails right along. As I ride it more frequently with a full load, I am sure handling it will become second nature.

It is a somewhat strange thought that all of my worldly possessions for the next three or so years, will fit into that little yellow bag! It is a little scary to give up so many amenities that I am used to, but I have to say it is also really liberating to boil life down to the essentials. Time will tell how it plays out in practice.

1 comment:

Roar said...

Hi Reece!

Your bike looks great man, imagine it'll be your home for a long time :)

It's quite a trip you're taking!

Good luck!

- Roar