Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I am offically unemployed

I quit my job yesterday, and am now just getting the last few details squared away before I leave the Monday after next. While I was coming home for the last time from work, it was a beautiful sunny day, people were hanging out at the beach and I thought to myself; I am leaving a really good life behind. I have great friends, live in a cool place and had an awesome job. But here I am forsaking all of it to be a vagabond for the next three years on a bicycle with a shoe string budget.

It really does sound crazy when I spell it out, but I feel compelled to go. I know I wont feel complete if I don't at least try and accomplish this goal I have set for myself. To see the world, and achieve a fairly spectacular feat is something most people in the world are unable to even consider. I feel lucky to even have the opportunity to try and do something like this. I know that if I were to take the safer road and stay here, enjoy the last of my twenties in Southern California, things would be relatively safe and certain but for me, boring! I would always regret not having taken the chance to do something amazing.

So I ready myself for the coming adventure and with a smile on my face turn my back on the safe path. The thing is the safe path is only safer by perception. I have lost two close friends in the past two months to freak accidents and their loss has only driven home to me the fact that our time here is limited and that we must all live our lives only the way that we want to live them because at any moment, we could be gone.


Anonymous said...

good luck fucko!!!!

I will be sending you music periodically. Actually you can watch movies on that thing, so maybe i'll send someof those 2. Don't get stuck in any 1 place. I'll be checking in every once in a while.


David frisina

Reecius said...

thanks Dave, and it was really good seeing you last night at the going away party buddy. est of luck to you in everything, stay in touch!