Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rest days in Campeche.

Day: 105

Money Spent:6-20: $31, 6-21: #34, 6-22: $16

The shot didn't come out like i'd hoped, the streets are too narrow to back up for enough to get everything in frame. But this is a church, unlike any i had seen before. It looked more like a fort with palisades on top and everything.

Me, on a warf but you can´t see it. Looks like im floating.

I liked the compostion of this shot. Some locals´ fishing boats.

This is how every city should be, a walking path, a jogging path and a bike path with marked lanes for traffic going in either direction!

Some locals going for a morning Kayak.

This is Campeche, a beautiful, clean, relaxing city.

an obligatory church photo.

Campeche again.

You cant seem them too well, but there are dozens of butterflies in this picture. They are everywhere right now, you cant go anywhere without seeing them flying all over, its fantastic.

Roasting in the heat as I climbed the hills to Campeche.

camp this night was nice and dry.

Some local school kids playing football.

This guy kept me company in the abandoned famr house during the rain storm. He and a bunch of scorpions.

Campeche is a great place. Its small enough to have a strong feeling of community, clean, beautiful and with lots to see and do. I had every intention of coming here and rocking the Kasbah for the weekend, but I found myself staying in, sleeping and eating a lot and chatting with my fellow travelers at the Hostel here. I feel very rested though and plan on riding straight through to Cancun for a good 4 or 5 days of fun, sun and fruity drinks with little umbrellas in them.

The only crappy part of these few days in Campeche was my camera getting stolen. I have never been robbed while traveling and I have always had a sort of honor among travelers mentality, and it has turned out to be a rather naive mindset, I am afraid.

I left in under my bed as I had been looking through my photos and ran out to get my laundry and grab some breakfast. I am usually the first person awake, and I was bake by about 8:30 am, and one of the two other guys in my room was gone and so was my camera.

The other guy in my room was a 47 year old painter from Iceland who is a super cool guy and I have been hanging out with him every day shooting the breeze and watching the Euro cup with the hostel owner, so I highly doubt it was him. He does not seem to lack for funds either.

Its just that feeling of being violated, I am seething with the injustice of it, but what can you do? Nothing. Better to trust in karma and just roll with the punches. Being angry about it does not change anything.

So, to hell with it, I will get a new camera and hopefully I won't miss any great shots until I can get a new one (all the cameras here are VERY expensive).


Lisa in Louisiana said...

Hi Reece!! I've been on vacation (where there was only dial-up) so I am happy to be back where I can catch up on your travels. Got just a few comments:

1. Just after ya'll left Veracruz, I saw on Spanish news, there was a massive destructive flooding event there. Ya'll just missed it, thank goodness.

2. Mesoamerican history: I'm reading a book right now called "1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus" by Christopher Mann - maybe you can get a copy - very very interesting and a history lesson on the science of archeaology besides.

3. Try to purchase a mosquito net somewhere - it will be invaluable the further south you travel.

Glad you are back in civilization and can take some time to relax and refresh. sorry to hear about your camera tho - what a bummer.

jesstheonlyartist said...

I'm glad you are getting some good rest and relaxation only for some more rest and relaxation in a few days. Glad you can go at your own pace now and enjoy what you really want to enjoy. Seems like so many great things to see and experience!

Keep up all the good work and know that I'm proud of you!

And sorry about the camera... should of got your monkey girlfriend to hunt him down and rough him up! *haha*

Evanapolis said...

I would have sat in the rain if that little creature was my room mate. It just looks like he could reach out and grab you from 3 feet away!

That's sucky about your camera! We'll have to start a "Replace Reece's Camera" fund so we can all continue living vicariously!

Stay safe!

danny garcia said...

Wish we would be in Honduras at the same time, looks like i just keep missing you. kick ass bro.