Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cancun is a lot of fun.

This will be a quick update, I am battling a massive hang over at the moment that will only be cured by a big plate of tacos and some quality beach time.

Cancun is everything I thought it would be. White sand beaches, aquamarine water, thousands of tourists and a ton of cheesey fun.

Is it a tourist trap? Yes. Is it expensive? Yes. Are there steaming piles of kitsch everywhere you look? Yes. Is it totally lacking in authentic Mexican culture? Yes. Cancun is all of these things and more, but it is also an incredibly fun place despite all of that. Its like Vegas on the beach. I have met a ton of people from all over the world and half of them came to tour Mexico and ended up staying in Cancun for weeks! Its that kind of place, you get sucked in because there is so much fun to be had and everyone here is in a great mood and enjoying themselves.

Getting here was a nightmare though. I was riding through a tropical storm and being wet all day and night for four days straight is horrible. The wind was blowing so strongly that the rain was going sideways. It was coming down so hard, that I couldn't see 100 meters down the road. I was sopping wet all the time and sleeping out in the jungle every night constantly soaking wet is no fun. My toe nails have turned brown from the dye in my shoes. They were so wet all the time that the dye stained my toe nails. That looks great with flip flops, let me tell you. I was really happy to finally arrive in Cancun, have a cold beer some fish tacos and relax.

I am going to get a camera tomorrow so that I can start uploading pics again. That damned thief, I hope Karma catches up with him.

I will write more later, but I wanted to give a huge thanks to Mom and Pop for sending me a care package with a ton of useful stuff, that was so nice of you, I really appreciate it. And thanks to Michele for helping get the Rohloff oil change kit, that was clutch!


jesstheonlyartist said...

Glad you made it safe, even though a little wet and a little stained.

Enjoy and rest! You deserve it!

Mama said...

As a recently inducted Cancunian, you should know your duties. They are as follows: you must find a tourist pool where there are strictly non mexican partiers. You must find a person floating in the water and save his or her life. Why, you ask? Everyone I have ever talked to who has been to Cancun has rescued a person from such a pool. I have done it, now I pass the torch to you.

LSUtri-guy said...

I am going to have my second couch surfer next week. she is from france and a heck of a lot cuter than you, esp. with your crazy mustache! I'm only kidding, reece, you are very cute! take it easy while it's easy!

Steven Andrés said...

CANCUUUUUUN! I'm so jealous. Have an overpriced sugary watered-down drink for me (and make sure it is served directly from the spigot of a whistle-wielding Coyote Ugly waitress wannabe).