Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Leaving Cancun after being pretty ill

Day: 115

Miles: 298

Total Mileage: 6,088
(mileage is from getting to Cancun from Campeche)

I am leaving Cancun today, after several days of being very sick. I ate or drank something that did not agree with me and I have had some stomach pains and a fever. Also, anything I put in my body, including water, would come out of one end or the other of me within a few minutes. It really was not very pleasant. Yesterday I was finally able to keep everything down and went out and got all of my chores done. I had to get a new camera, which stunk, but I decided to upgrade to a better model. Nothing crazy, but I had only the basic entry level digital camera and I was starting to feel its limitations. It took nice pictures but I have started getting into photography and have been wanting a toy with more features, so I decided to step up a little bit.

So, I will have to be a lot more careful with this camera. It stinks dropping the money as it takes two weeks off of my trip, but I have to admit, I am pretty excited to play with my new toy.

My bike needed a ton of work done too, I spent three hours getting it looking shiny and new again. I replaced the rear and bob tire, put in new tire liners, and new tubes. I had to scour the rust off of all of the parts that were showing any and then paint over the exposed metal with clear nail polish (which works great by the way, thanks to the guys at the path for showing me that trick). After riding through a tropical storm for three days, I was getting lots of rust spots that needed cleaning. I changed the oil in the rohloff (thanks again Michelle!), and that went easily enough, and finally, I had to change the rear disk brake pad as it was not giving me enough stopping power any more. That is not bad though, it lasted 4 months of hard riding.

Today I am going to go to Playa del Carmen. I have heard mixed reviews about it from all of the other travelers I have met here, so I will make a judgment call once I get there. If it seems fun I will stay through the 4th of July, if not, I will go straight out to Isla Cozumel. The back side of the island is uninhabited and I plan on going out there and camping on the beach for a week or so. There is a reef there and good surf. So I will try and get my hands on a skim board or a body or surf board. I bought a snorkel and some gogles cheap, so I will go snorkeling too, and if I can do it cheap, I will get a fishing pole, or maybe just a line and lure, and see if I cant catch my dinner. Basically, I plan on chilling out big time.

From there, I will hit Tulum, and then head south into Belize and make my way through Central America, which I am very excited for.

The next update will have pictures, I promise!


Lisa in Louisiana said...

If you get the time, could you expound on what kind of camera you had before and what you just bought, pros & cons of both (kinda like you did in the beginning detailing your biking/camping equipment). I want to buy a camera for birdwatching and don't know the first thing about digital cameras except that I probably want at least a 10x zoom. As it is now, I use my cell phone camera all the time - talk about limitations!!!!

jesstheonlyartist said...

yippee for getting on the road again! I'm really glad you are feeling better.

Can't wait to see some pictures. I'm sure they are definitely worth the wait ;) *HA HA*

Well I hope you find a good place to spend the fourth with... you can celebrate the US even when not in the country! Drink a few for the good ole' USA! :P

Can't wait to hear from you...
Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Montezuma's revenge is a mutha!

Glad you're doing better so that you can move on with your trip.

Rich Chen

Isolabella said...

so extremely cool!
respect ;)