Thursday, July 10, 2008

Playa del Carmen to the Belizean border.

Day: 123

Miles: 200

Total Miles: 6326

Money Spent: 6-08: $8.50, 6-09: $10.50

I am about to make my second international border crossing and decided to stop and update the blog as I had a few pesos left and saw an internet cafe.

The ride from Playa del Carmen to the border was a lot tougher than I had thought it would be. Despite that fact that it is very flat out here, I was having a really hard time puting any distance behind me. I still felt very weak from being sick, it has been very humid and I had a mild headwind. All of these things combined to just wear me out fast both days.

I quit early yesterday and the day before because I just couldnt ride any further. Tuesday I had a pretty good spill too when my back tire hit some gravel and I did a superman over my handlbars onto the pavement. Somehow I escaped injury despite the fact that I was traveling pretty fast. I found a great place to sleep that night on an abandoned farm that the jungel had began to retake.

Wednesday night I struggled again and when I found an access road that ran off into he jungle I turned down it and set up camp early. I think it will take a few days to get my legs and my endurance back.

I stopped in another Mayan village yesterday, and it was such a cool experience again. Every time I go into an indegenious village, I realize why traveling by bicycle is such a great way to go. You get to interact with people and see things that you just never would traveling by another means. These villages are off in the jungle, and can only be reached by dirt road. There are no signs, just a little path off of the main road that runs into the jungle. When you get there, it is nothing more than a collection of mud huts with roofs mae out of palm fronds. Every one in the village comes out to check you out too, which can be a bit strange. They just stand there and stare at you!

However, they are always very nice and they usually will have water or juice to sell. There is usually at least a couple of people that speak spanish too, so I can communicate in a basic fashion. I cant get any pictures though, as they have strong religous beliefs against having their picture taken.

Today I have been fighting the wind and am not just outsie of the border. I am going to cross into Belize today, and should be in Belize city tomorrow, and will stay there for a rest day.

This connection is incredibly slow, I will update pics tomorrow.


jesstheonlyartist said...

No good that you are still weak... remember to gain your strength for the big climbs you have coming ahead. But hey, it will all be worth it once you reach other other side! ;)

Yippeeee for crossing a new border!
Can't wait to see some pictures! Sure you have some really good ones!


Anonymous said...

I'm worried about you. Please take care of yourself and rest. Watch out for a fever. Remember that we have the scare of salmonella with the tomatoes and jalapenos. Lots of water, although in Mexico that might not be such a good idea. Drink sports juice like Gatorade or something. I sound like your mother. LOL. ;) kisses and hugs. BE CAREFUL!

Karen said...

Reece, You need to take care of yourself. The trip stops if you aren't healthy, so do what you need to do, rest, drink pedialite, or whatever, you need to nourish your body. Love Mom

ryan beacham said...

Hey Reece you are a short boat ride from Cuba. They let you travel there as well. I hear it is beautiful there.. Just an idea!!!

Lisa in Louisiana said...

Interesting comment made about the villages:

"There is usually at least a couple of people that speak spanish"

How cool to be able to hear the Mayan language spoken. My husband's grandfather never spoke Spanish - only the Zapoteca language (the Indians around Oaxaca) and so his Spanish is sprinkled with these Zapoteca words. Can get confusing sometimes more than it already is - ha!

Do take a long rest period in Belize and get your strength back!! You are gonna need all your wits & power the further into Central America you go!

Reecius said...

Hey everyone, yeah, I am definitely going to rest a bit. My body is just not ready for the big days yet. Thanks for the concern.

Beacham, I have been so tempted to go to Cuba! it doesn't even cost that much from here, But I honestly don't have the time, I need to make my way south. Cuba will have to wait for another time, and it is still illegal for an American to spend any money there.

The indigenous villages have been some of the coolest things i have seen and it is strange how much the languages differ. Some sound nearly asian, while others are really gluttural like Arabic.