Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hitting the road.

My stomach bug kept flaring up and I have been laying low in Playa del Carmen. I decided to skip Isla Cozumel as my Visa is going to expire soon, and just head to the Belize border. It should take me about two days of riding to reach the border, and then I will cross on the morning of the third day.

From there I have some tough riding. Belize is relatively flat, but once i hit Guatemala, I hit some serious climbing all through Central America.

I am excited to change cultures a bit, I have been in Mexico for two months now and have had a great time, but feel ready for a taste of something new.

Two quick tips on great places to stay, in Cancun I stayed at Hostel Quetzal, which was 14 bucks a night with free WiFi and a great free breakfast. The hostess is a wonderful lady too and the place was full of interesting people.

In Playa del Carmen, I stayed at the Happy Gecko, which was also 14 a night and had a TV, bathroom and kitchen in each room, great location and a really helpful staff. I highly recomend this Hostel as well.

On a final note, I finally got rid of the hammock. The thing just didn't work for me. It is high quality, but I just couldn't sleep in it very well and i nearly never used it. It was just taking up space in my pack. I was going to ship it to my parents house but that would have been a waste of my money and their space. So I gave it to the owner of Hostel Qutzel as she was often getting hopeful guests even when she was booked and could put people who had no where else to go in the hammock, or even use it herself. I figured it was better to let someone else get some use out of it than to let it gather dust at my parents house.

So I am off, I will b making my second international border crossing this week and be making my way into Central America. Until next time!


Lisa in Louisiana said...

Hasta luego! Buena suerte y vaya con Dios, amigomio!

jesstheonlyartist said...

Awww how sweet is Reece... letting the hostel have his hammock. That just shows how awesome you are :)

Woohoo for new locations... bet you have some EXCITING stuff planned to see in the future!