Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Green light means go!

Day: 177

Finally! I had my last visit to the doctor´s office yesterday, she said I was good to go, gave me some medicine I need to apply myself for the next week and instructions to take it easy for a while. I am sure she wont be upset to not have to closely examine my posterior every few days, and I know I sure wont be.

Mom and Pop came through in the clutch and I should have my gear tomorrow, thanks again, you guys are fantastic. So, baring any unforeseen occurrences, I should be on the road again no later than Friday, and I am glad for that. I was starting to lose my mind in that little hotel room. I have read about 10 novels in the past few weeks and although one of the greatest joys in my life has been reading, you can only do so much of it in a short period of time!

The game plan is to go to Panama City, hang tight for a few days while I get a boat lined up to take me to Colombia, and by the time I get there, I should be 100% again.


eric ossello said...

Awesome!! Glad to hear you are all better!

Lisa in Louisiana said...

what's your mode of travel to Panama City? bus? train? what's your new gear consist of? Just trying to get a picture of what the new Reece adventures will look like! Good Luck!! and glad to know that you are back to good health!

Reecius said...

Rats! The package with all my gear isnt here yet. But I will take some pics of it and post it as soon as I get it. If its not one thing, its three!

Dan Trued said...

Are you going to continue to ride the bike? I thought I saw previous, that you sent the bike back to the USA. I'm confused.

Reecius said...

The bike went home, and new gear to continue on in a different fashion has arrived. I am going to continue going around the world, although no longer by bicycle.