Sunday, September 28, 2008

Quick Update

This is to let everyone know I am still alive. I apologize for the delay in updating the blog, but I have been on the move a lot lately. I am currently in Panama City, which is a very interesting place. It looks like a city in America from a distance with towering sky scrapers, but when you zoom down to the street level, it is completely Latin. I am enjoying it a lot and quite a few of the people I met in Bocas del Toro (the family as we have been calling each other) have shown up here, including Alon from Israel who is a super fun guy.

One of the guys I was hanging out with, Jake from Alaska, got a job at the Hostel I am staying at (Luna's Castle, great place and we have been hanging out with some really nice Canadians. We went out on the town last night and Jake busted out some of the most funny dance moves I have ever seen in my life before while all of the local Panamanians cheered him on, it was a riot. We were all nearly crying we were laughing so hard. We also checked out the Panama Canal and watched a huge boat come through the locks, pretty amazing to see how it works. Also, the girls from Latin America's next top model were all there at the same time which was sort of cool. Its funny, a lot of models in real life just look like tall, skinny girls that could use a hamburger.

I also climbed Volcan Baru (like a stupid tourist I got the name of the place wrong in my last post, sorry about that) and it was tough, especially lugging my big pack. I ended up walking a little over 22 miles round trip, gained 8,000 feet of elevation up to 12,000 feet total. I nearly froze my rear end off as I got rained on the entire way up and then the temperature dropped to below freezing at night, but the view in the morning was absolutely spectacular. Anyway, I will save the entire story for my next post, as I need to find a computer that will let me upload pictures, as I have a lot of good ones.

I hope everyone is well back home, much love to everyone.


Anonymous said...

Dude, you are looking like you could use a hamburger too. I haven't seen you looking so skinny since you were 16!

Reecius said...

hahaha, thanks for the encouraging words cuz! Ok, now i am going to go do about 1,000 push ups just to get my self esteem back up!