Monday, December 15, 2008

Just pictures for now

I am not feeling very good so I wont write much, but I have plenty to write about. For now, I will just put up some pictures.

Leaving Panama City

The airport we got to spend 13 hours in.

Chris and Tim, my really great traveling companions.

Tim and Chris took some of these really cool panorama shots.

Cartegena, Colombia.

Chris and Tim in Cartegena.

Some of the beautiful streets of Cartegena.

The walls of the old town in Cartegena.

My cheesiest tourist pose.

The city really was gorgeous, Cartegena.

The walls and the Caribbean sea of Cartegena.

Another shot of the old town.

This was an enormous hotel in Cartegena,like a city block in size, it was crazy.

A park in Cartegena.


Lisa in Louisiana said...

did you partake of the magic mushrooms? or is it the lingering hangover from what will now be known only as the "Vodka Incident"? LOL hope you feel better. Thanks for the great photos! Seeing all that blooming bougainvillea trailing down the walls is a happy site for these winter eyes.

Reecius said...

hahaha, no, no magic mushrooms for me! I just have a head cold, i feel like my eyes are going to pop out of my face. I am really congested and have not been able to sleep.

And yes, Colombia is beautiful, really a cool place with fantastic people. Nothing like what I expected, I am happy to say.