Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Traveling Companion and my Computer is back!

Day: 269

Location: Leon, Nicaragua

ood news all around today. I have a new friend to travel with, I got my computer back in action, and my best buddy is going to be flying into Central America in a few days. All things that make me very happy.

My new traveling companion is Sarah, one of the people I had been hanging out with way back in Bocas del Torro. She decided that the working world just was not what she wanted to do for the time being and so sold her stuff, quite her job and came out to Central America with the intention of working for a few months. We had tentative plans to meet up in Argentina down the road, but since my plans totally changed and I ended up staying in Central America for so much longer and my buddy was going to be arriving soon, everything ended up working out.

Its funny how much things have changed for me on this trip. I had only intended on being in Central America for 2 months, but here now I am going on 5 months! I have really grown to enjoy Latin Culture. There are downsides to it of course, but for the most part it is a great place to be.

I think there is really something to be said for taking it easy and traveling at a leisurely pace. I feel that going slower and learning more about a few places is more enjoyable, at least for me, than rushing through places and getting only a surface level understanding of them. You may see less this way, but you get more out of what you do see. When I set out on this trip I had the intention of trying to see as much of the world as possible, but I have come to realize that its just to big to see it all. I believe now that you should only go to the places that call to you, get to know them really well, make friends there, maybe even live there for a while. Revisit them from time to time, and branch out to new places only when you really want to go, not just going to say you have been. In this way, I feel like your time and money are better spent and you will be happier. But then, that is just me, everyone has there own preferred method of travel.

So, now I can continue to travel with a friend, soon to be 2 friends, which is fun. Also, Sarah was kind enough to bring out a new wall charger for my computer as I lost mine the first time I was in Nicaragua and have been unable to get a replacement. I can not even express how happy I am to have this little guy back back! Now I can take time to properly edit my posts as I won't be paying per minute to use computer, and in a situation where people are waiting on a me to finish. Plus, I can upload pics onto this computer without a USB cord so I will have pictures again! I am very happy to have my trusty little computer back in action.

As for the current game plan, we are going to hang out in Nicaragua until my friend arrives, who is also traveling around the world, and we will all join forces to spend Christmas together, which will make it less lonely. After that we are heading into South America where we have a lot of fun things planned.

Things are going well and I will post some pictures in the next update.


TP said...

I feel ya on the leisurely paced travel. For me, I think this is what I would prefer, especially if I really like the place. Are you planing to go to India / Nepal? For some reason these stand out as places I think you would like?? Maybe Sri Lanka as well? At any rate, glad to hear your having fun...lets try and skype it up soon.

Much Love Buddy!


Lisa in Louisiana said...

Have you gotten to try Nicaragua's version of the tamalie? a Nacatamal? A big-ass corn masa tamale wrapped in a banana leaf with chunks of pork, potatoes, rice, raisins, sometimes olives, and mint leaves? the combined thought of Nicaragua & Christmas made me think of these delectible packages of YUM!!!! whaaaa . . . my mouth is watering and no place to go to satisfy the craving. Eat 2 or 3 of them for me as soon as you can!!!

Mattis said...

Hell yeah man, can't wait to meet up! Got my ticket today, will be in Belize on the 13th.

I'll keep you posted bro,

Reecius said...

No i have not tried a nocatamale yet, but they sound great!

i am really looking forward to India and Sri Lanka, well, to be honest, i am really looking forward to most of the world! hahaha.

Mattis, we will meet up in South America, have fun in Asia buddy, i sent you an email with all the details.