Sunday, March 16, 2008

Day 6 BFE AZ

milage today: 74

total: 396

I got a late start out of Yuma because I needed to get a spare tire for my trailer and I wanted to do something about my aching wrists. I got a thorn resistant tire this time and hopefully it lasts a little longer.

Johnny Yuma's bike shop in Yuma is a great place for bikes and the owner went out of his way to help me out. He even adjusted my chain for free.

I made good time and got 74 miles down the road before it started to get late so I pulled off and set up camp out in the desert. It was nice because i was about 45 miles from the nearest town and I could see all the stars at night. That is something I have always wanted to do. The only downside of the day was the 70 miles of near perfectly straight road I was on through the desert, I will be on the same road going the same direction all day tomorrow too! It gets a little tedious but not too bad. My wrists were still hurting pretty bad even with the new super gloves so i put both pair on and that seems to have done the trick.

Good thing I got a spare tire for the trailer as the replacement only lasted a day. I looked at it and it was worn out on the inside, the guy in SD sold me a used tire!! What a jerk. Oh well, the spare should go further but I will need to pick up a spare soon.

Desert riding is nice though and you can see for ever. lots of space out here in AZ and not too many people. I look forward to coming back through the grand canyon next time I swing through. I cant post pics today either as I have to make another 60 miles today and I am running out of time. I promise to pose some pics as soon as I have some free time. I hope everyone is well!


Eric Ossello said...

Damn that SD bike shop!

Love reading this Reece!!!


tara said...

Reece! I am enjoying your posts very much!

Have you really hit some hot weather anywhere? how has AZ been?

Anonymous said...

Good to see you are on your way!

We met a guy here in Panama City, Panama today who rode his bicycle from Alaska on his way to Ushuaia.

Lots of crazy people out there ;)

Take care and good luck!


Scott said...

Bro you rock. I also love reading this. Good Luck Homie.

vaLerieLOvesme said...

wow reece this is such an exciting READ. i will stay tuned in to your adventure. be careful out there, good luck and don't forget your sunscreen!!!

<3 vaL

Anonymous said...

Great posts so far, weird question.. but i just thought of this/ did you have business cards made with your blog web address on them so people you meet you can just throw them a card. or when you eat lunch somewhere throw one up on their bulletin board, something along the lines of 'Reece Robbins was Here', then on the back have the web address.