Monday, March 17, 2008

Day 8: Casa Grande, AZ

Mileage today: 45

Mileage Yesterday: 75

Total So far: 516

Finally have some time to put some pictures up. I am in Casa Grande, AZ and decided to take a short today today to get a little rest. My knees were hurting this morning so i want to take it easy as I have about 70 miles to ride tomorrow to Tuscon.

Yesterday I took off from Gilla Bend trying to make it to Casa Grande but it was into a cross head wind and i was gaining elevation the entire day. SO i was going about half the speed I had hoped and had to camp out in the national forest, but it turned out to be pretty awesome as it was beautiful out among the Saguaros, which are the tall cactus with the arms sticking out. And i had my first rain. in the desert!! It was just a sprinkle really, but still! The scenery got a whole lot better as I went today going into the mountains with a lot more wildlife and plantlife to look at. The bike handled great over off road terrain and I think that I will be using that option more often as I have opportunities to camp away from people.

So far my equipment has worked perfectly, no complaints other than the flat tires on the trailers. The bike has proven itself to be a tank (knock on wood) and just goes through over or around anything in its way. Hopefully it keeps on trucking with few problems.

My little tin can stove is a champ! It works perfectly and weighs nearly nothing plus the fuels is very cheap. I seriously love that little coors light gizmo! I have been cooking up rice and pasta dishes most nights with lots of fruits and vegetables to keep my body loaded up with the vitamins it needs.

the tent works perfectly and goes up and breaks down fast. That camp chair is an all star as well and I know that it will only prove to be more useful as time goes by.

Casa Grande is an interesting place for sure, cant say i would want to spend too much time here. I passed through mile after mile of ranch land with cows by the hundred. It was really sort of a strange sight, to see so many cows in one place. and they would all run up to the fence when i passed by, i guess they were expecting food or something. Poor guys didnt realize they were waiting in line to become food.

Well, i need to head off, about 7 miles until the camp site i am staying in tonight. So far each day has been a challenge but in a good way. Every night I lay down to sleep (whereever that may be!) feeling good and happy. I love the freedom and easy going way of life this provides. Time will tell how I feel in the long run, but so far, I am glad to be living the dream!

Here are pics from Sunday climbing through the mountains up to Casa Grande.

Pictures from Saturday making my way through the desert, including my trusty shower in a bag!

Pictures from friday, riding through farm land, giant sand dunes and into Yuma along the bumpiest road ever!


The Frog said...

We are all following your travels at the office. Imagine me emailing a guy on a bike in the desert from a cubicle in OC(UGH)

Keep on truckin budd!

Zee said...

Wow, talk about being out in the middle of nowhere! I'm glad to see your sense of humor is intact and that you are showering! Your camera is doing the trick of capturing the adventure and you are pretty good at the timer thing (I'm guessing that is how you are IN the pictures), unless the cows have hidden hoof talent.
Until next time...keep on keepin' on!

c said...
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Chris said...

Awesome man! Impressive! keep the news coming. -Rebuck