Saturday, April 5, 2008

Austin at last!

Mileage: 30

Total Mileage: 1655

I finally made it into Austin! I feel like I ran the gauntlet with all the bad weather and tough terrain of the last week. One good thing though from all the hills is that my legs are noticeably stronger. Now, I come to one of these steep roller and just charge right up and over it without breaking pace. Once I hit flat land I am going to haul serious butt.

Yesterday ended up being an absolutely beautiful day. About an hour after I updated the site, the sun came out and all my fatigue and bad mood from the events of the night before just melted away. Even though I still had a head wind going up and down hills, I couldn't help but smile. The hill country of Texas really is just beautiful. There are wildflowers of every color of the rainbow all over the place, rolling pastures, and wildlife everywhere you look. It made for such a nice ride and the miles just flew by. I ended up going further than planned, so today was a quick shot into Austin.

I am really excited for a rest day, a shave and mostly, a shower!! I have heard nothing but good things about Austin and am looking forward to hitting the town tonight and checking out the live music and grabbing a nice frosty beer =)


Reece'sMom said...

We are so happy you made it to Austin. Give us a call when you can. Love you!

jesstheonlyartist said...

I'm glad that Texas has gotten better for you! I knew once out of panhandle area it would be much better!

Zee said...

Yea, you made it! I take it you have friends/family in Austin if you are getting a REAL shower and shave! I hope you have a nice rest and enjoy the city, I have heard great things about Austin (and it's my son's name!).
Ashlee hits Liverpool tomorrow and is so excited, then Dublin (pub crawl alert)....
Take care and rest!

Anonymous said...

Reece! I'm so happy & proud of you. What a challenge making it through that Texas terrain. Just keep'll do it. I bet your legs are smoking hot and buff. ;-)
Not to mention what the bike does for the rear.:-0 Buff, buff, buff!
Much love, hugs, kisses Now go get a cooolllllddddd beer.

Anonymous said...

you are so amazing. you do your mama proud. that's all i can say...

:O) vaL