Thursday, April 24, 2008

Navarre Beach, FL to Meico Beach, FL

Day: 46

Mileage: 103

Total Mileage: 2484

I made good time today despite stopping several times to go swimming and to eat about 6 times today. The water here is just so beautiful! It was aquamarine and crystal blue all down the coast. I never realized the Gulf side was so pretty. I went through Panama city toady and I have always wanted to check this place out. It is a legendary spring beak location in the states, and i have always loved a good party! It is really a beautiful place until you get into the really touristy part and all of a sudden it becomes this big built up, tacky mess. Panama City itself, is pretty rough. Can't say I would want to live here right off hand, but who knows, there my be more to love than I saw riding through.

I was going to stealth camp out in the woods, when a guy pulled over and told me I should rethink camping out in that particular area (guess I wasn't so stealthily after all!). He was a really cool guy and he pulled out his digital camera and showed me a picture of an 11 foot Gator that he had taken the day before in the exact place i was going to sleep! Yikes! So i thanked him, packed up and rode into Mexico Beach and am camping there tonight. That could have been really bad.

One lat thing, I came across really negative in my last post. There is nothing wrong with riding across America with the adventure cycle touring association at all. Its like running the Boston marathon, it is no less of an accomplishment just because a thousand other people do it with you each year. You don't have to be Indiana Jones to have an adventure....I just want to!

Also, the other cyclists I met at camp were super nice guys, they were just use to bumping into other cycle tourists where i was not.

Well, i am wiped out, time for bed.


Brandon-Chad said...

Hey Reece, I don't think you were being negative at all. I think that if you have the opportunity to see that the grass is always greener on the other side, than by all means, take it with no regrets. The best thing about your journey is not only the spontaneity, but also living each moment not knowing what game of survival life will start throwing at you! Remember now, that you're doing what most of us can only dream of. As always, just be careful out there! And I just can't believe those guys from SD blew you off like that. They sure lost an opportunity to get to know you in person, whereas some of us readers only know of you as Atreyu from The Neverending Story, that "crazy cyclist" or just an adventure-writer of bedtime readings. Take care and ride safe bro!

old Lady Texas Stonecarver said...

The only thing I thought was negative was that you called that Scottish guy old!

I think slowing down might be safer for you after hearing your comments about the latest stealth camping episodes. Maybe more time with the locals will not only enrich the experience but also make it safer. Thinking like a mom again - right, Mom?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, dem gators are pretty dangerous around those neck of the woods.

I am jealous that you get to enjoy those nice beaches in FL while I sit here behind my desk grinding away. Stay safe out there because I'm vicariously living through you.

Rich Chen

Steven Andrés said...

Damn that water is SOO crystal clear blue. Nothing like HB ocean back home! Hey it was 85 on Main Street this past weekend - insanely hot!