Thursday, April 3, 2008

Making my ay through Hill Country, TX

Wednesday Mileage:66

Thursday Mileage: 84

Wednesday was a hump day. I got up and hit it early but the damnable wind was still blowing in my face and the hills just kept coming. For added spice, today, it rained! Well, to be fair, it didn't start coming down until night time, but all day it was drizzling and just damp and my clothes got soaked and stuck to me. I hadn't seen the sun since Monday either and the entire effect was just an unpleasant day of riding. I emptied the tanks and rode for 9 hours, but was only able to put down 66 miles. I may not make it to Austin by Friday, which is a bummer.

These hills today weren't just bumps in the road either, they are one after the other big giant rolling beasts. Some of them are as long as 7 and a half miles getting steeper as they get to the top, up to about an 8% grade, and they can take over an hour just to get to the top of one. Combine that with being wet and having the wind blow in your face and you get a feel for what it was like, all day for the umpteenth day in a row. I have been battling hills and wind since Artesia, NM. But, that is the way it goes when traveling by bike, and I know that eventually, i will be through it. Just have to keep on pedaling.

That night it really was storming, with thunder and lightening an everything. All my gear got soaked and it was still drizzling in the morning so I couldn't get the dang tent dried out. I hope i can get it dry soon, i don't want it to get mildewy.

The scenery has gotten just beautiful though. There are trees everywhere that are all different shades of green, very vibrant and really help to make the ride more pleasant.

Today (Thursday) i woke up to more of the same. Hills and wind. I made better time today and am now in Harper, TX. It is a really nice town here and the people are very friendly. I was chatting with a local girl telling her about all the hills and wind I have been fighting and he says, yup, that's why they call it hill country out here! hahaha, wish i would have known that before! None of the topographical maps i looked at made it appear this way, but oh well. I am in the middle of it now and will be so through Austin.

Well, I have about 100 miles to get to Austin tomorrow, i am going to give it my best, but it my not be possible. The ride along the 290 out here is gorgeous though with all kinds of animals and livestock to look at. There are a ton of Oak trees too, which helps break up the wind.


Justin said...

Hey Reece, Our family LOVES reading your blog. It's the last thing we do before bed each night. Sounds like the last couple days have been pretty hard, but we know how AMAZING you are, and we know you will get though it. Justin says, don't let the "nothing" get to you. (I guess it's cloudy dark stuff from "The Never Ending Story") Our love is with you!!! We show the kids your blog from time to time so they can see how cool their Uncle Reece is. Dustin loves the helmet shots. Love ya!!!!!! Natalie

Kate said...

I received a link to your blog from a friend and wanted to send an encouraging note:

Keep going! The weather in this area is supposed to be beautiful this weekend--a little warm, but sunny. I'm a little surprised it has stayed dreary for so long. Usually it changes each hour....

Enjoy Austin, the Hill Country and the bluebonnets by the road, especially when the sun finally appears again!

Reecius said...

Hey Natalie! That is awesome that Dustin Dane and Cali like the blog, tell the kids hi for me =)

Thanks Kate, the scenery out here is just beautiful. I am looking forward to Austin though, everyone says it is a great city and my legs could really use the rest.

Anonymous said...

Was it a he or a she in the little town talking about the hills and wind? Did it have an adams apple?