Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Biloxi, MS to Dauphin Island, AL

Mileage: 75

I left Biloxi after gorging myself on a continental breakfast (got to try and get my money's worth!!) and made good time into Alabama. I was making great time into AL with no headwind for about 30 miles when I realized I had made a wrong turn! Son of a... So I had to double back down to get to Dauphin Island where I had intended on taking a ferry across the bay there to Ft. Morgan and up the coast to a state park. However, due to my stellar navigational skills, i got there late and missed the last ferry, so i had to stay on the island (which is beautiful, by the way). They had a camp ground, which was great, but it cost 21 bucks a night?!?! It was a super nice camp ground but still. Oh well, chalk another one up to experience. Today I am making my way up the Alabama gulf coast, which is a surprisingly cool place. It is a pretty happening string of beach towns that remind me of Pacific Beach, back in good old SD. I will be in FL in a few minutes, and i have to keep this one short with no pics as my old friend the headwind is back and i am struggling for miles. I want to hi Nevarre Beach state park before it gets dark.

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LSUtri-guy said...

45 x 20 = $900
really? how's that twenty a day working out for you? All the better to improve your map ready skills. Glad to see good ol' headwind is back! heaven forbid you have an easy day! you know it's just trying to blow you back to n.o. you can't escape us!