Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day: 30

Mileage: 44

Total Mileage: 1,699

I left Austin about 1 in the afternoon yesterday after a big leisurely breakfast and lunch. I decided to go to Buescher State park and sleep there tonight. Instead of my previous strategy of riding all day until close to sundown and then looking for a place to sleep wherever was convenient, I have decided to try and hit the state parks as much a possible. Stealth camping is great for style points, but the the novelty of it truly wears thin quickly. You can't relax nearly as much as you can in a park, and you have to worry about staying out of sight. In a park, you can set up your camp at your leisure, often shower and you have access to running water. You can sit out and read and enjoy the scenery. We have a great infrastructure here in the USA, i figure i should take advantage of it while I can. In many countries I will be going to, this wont even be an option. So in the word of one of my high school football coaches, its time to play smarter, not harder, and enjoy my trip a little more even if i have to slow down a bit to do so.

The scenery is beautiful out here. It feels like the land is just exploding with living things. Everywhere you look there are animals, insects, plants and wildflowers that are just beautiful.

It has gotten pretty hot and humid too, which makes for a sweaty ride, but i dont mind.

Well, i am on my way to Stephen Austin State Park, and my battery is running out. until next time!


Ember said...

I hope a publisher is reading this or gets wind of it, it should be a book. You have taken some amazing pictures and told some amazing stories, just in the 2 months you have been traveling.

This is going to sound weird but even though I haven't seen you since high school, I miss you, perhaps its just the journey that I am jealous of. It is truly awesome. Also, when your parents write you, I get all choked up, they must miss you terribly. They should make you a scrapbook of all your blogs, while you are away. What an awesome thing to be able to share with your future family.

Anyway, I enjoy reading your stories and look forward to them. I believe you will be even more surprised by the things you see when you get further east.

Eric Ossello said...

Reece...glad to hear you had fun in Austin!!!! That is a long walk 3.5miles into town....I had to walk 7 blocks downtown last night and I thought that was far!!!

Keep on riding!
--Eric Ossello

sizzle said...

Hi Reece, Sissi Again...Those flowers are Texas Bluebonnets and the red ones are Indian Paintbrushes. It is getting cold and cloudy here in El Cajon and they say it will rain. I heard on the news that it is raining in Houston, so either you're in it or it is coming. I hope you stay dry and warm. I emailed a man from Texas who has purchased things from me on ebay. I gave him your blog and email address. He has a great heart and might be able to lead you to people on your route in case you need something. His name is Baron, an oil man and rancher. Be safe, I am watching your trip on google maps.

Oh also, when I told you I took that route from La Grange thru Brenham, to Tomball and to Spring...that was in 1982,,,I hope the road hasn't changed. tatafornow,,,be safe dear friend.

Reece'sMom said...

I am so glad you are staying in parks and can stop and enjoy every detail of your trip. It is not the number of miles you cycle per day, it is the experience you gain from each moment you allow yourself to just be. Love you!