Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Johhny 5's alive!

(pics up on last post)

Monday Mileage: 75

Tuesday Mileage: 80

Its been a tough few days, battling headwinds and hills all day, every day. I have been crawling along at about 8mph hour up and down what feels like and endless procession of hills. Each time I fight my way up one against the wind, I just see a few more, it is pretty emotionally draining. If it weren't so dang windy I wouldn't mind so much.

I have made my way up into the hills on my way to Austin. I am trying to make it there by Friday which means I have to go 80 miles a day to pull it off. Normally that wouldn't be a struggle, but this incessant wind is just making it such a trial.

The highpoint of yesterday (Tuesday) was goingt hrough Irann, TX home of the big red band! Rally nice people there too. One thing I have noticed is that the smaller the town, the nicer the people, which I expected though. You don't feel so isolated in a small town like you do in a big city. By necessity, people are friendlier to one another and to strangers. In the city, you often feel cut off, even though you are surrounded by people. At any rate, another funny thing I noticed about the towns going east, is that no matter how small they are even down to a few hundred people, there is always at least two Churches!

One bright spot in an other wise unfun day yesterday, was riding past a mountain farm I passed a group of beautiful horses. I stopped to take their picture and waved at them and then i took off, and as i started riding they ran along side me! I hit the afterburners to see if I could out run them, but to no ones surprise I am sure, the horses easily beat me. It was a pretty cool feeling though.

Sunday night I slept out in the desert and didn't even put up a tent. it was a warm night and I wanted to watch the stars. That is the way to go right there. laying out under the open sky and then just getting up and hitting the road is much better and more efficient than setting up and breaking down camp every day. While I lay there, I could here all of the little desert critters going about there business and it was a neat experience.

Yesterday was a real struggle. It took 11 hours to get 80 miles down and it was all hills and wind. I cant wait to get out of hill country so that i can get to Austin and take two days off, and have a real shower! I think i am starting to smell like an old goat. The camp shower only goes so far. And my best friend back home said I reminded him of Atrayu of the plains people (from the never ending story) so I was thinking, that is pretty awesome, maybe I will name my bike Falcor! Well, its an idea.

Well, i need to take off, daylights a wastin.

One last thing, and a real bright note. I finally tossed the little lap top that could, and was about to ride away when for some reason i went back and picked it out of the trash. I turned it on just to make sure no valuable info was still on it, and low and behold, it worked!!! I was so happy and surprised! That little guy took a cup of coffee on the chin and kept on swinging! What a champ! I am very happy that it somehow started working again. In my experience, sugary drinks just fry electronics, but I wont look a gift horse in the mouth. Thanks to everyone who offered to help get me a new one, the support was overwhelming and flattering. I am very thankful to you all.

Well, I am off, take care and expect more frequent updates.


Zee said...

YES! The little laptop that could! I was ready to post a bulletin to start a fundraiser for you. If it does die, I will set something up for you.
I love the horse tale (not tail)and can only imagine what the horse whisperer would have heard them say as they watched you 'wave' to them and then start the race!
You really are a gifted writer and need to seriously consider turning your blogs into a book. I'd buy the first edition, hard back copy(autographed of course),straight off the print machine.
Between you, Mattis, and Ashlee..I am on my own version of your journeys.
Love and blessings~

Rich C. said...

It's Rich Chen and I have been reading your blogs. I got a few of my friends checking out your blog too and they are loving your stories. Can't believe you've made it to TX already. Stay safe out there and looking forward to reading more later.

Eric Ossello said...

Reece...Glad to hear that your laptop works. I read this every day and look forward to updates! I figured you would beat the horses, but then again, I have never ridden my bike from San Diego to Texas :). i'm going to work tomorrow and you get to be outdoors all day...lucky!
--Eric Ossello

Brandon-Chad said...

Dude, you're fricken hilarious! You're starting to "smell like an old goat" and looking like Atrayu? LMFAO... Maybe those stallions were attracted to your scent! Loving da blogs! And if you ever need a new laptop later in the journey, I'm willing to contribute to the fund as well... Take care and party hard in Austin!!!

Scott said...

Reece - What up dog, this is Butts. Just wanted to stop by and say hi and let you know that i've been keeping track of your travels and updates and will continue to do so. Good Luck buddy, Phi Bra Love!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the laptop is working again, I missed the daily updates. So jealous man, sounds like you are having a great time. Keep the coffee away from that laptop and keep those posts coming.

-Dave Feldberg

Reecius said...

Hey guys, its great to hear from everyone! It really helps to make me feel connected to everyone back home. Texas is pretty cool, if it weren't for the rain, hills and wind, i would really be loving it here.